Why take the same supplement as a 20 or 30 year old?

specially formulated for aging

Formulated for ageing

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For almost 30 years Bioplus has been manufacturing and selling herbal remedies. We know that our bodies and mental fitness change as we age, so why do we take the same supplements as 20 or 30 year old’s, expecting the same results? To help, we’ve designed a range of supplements specifically for those who are age and health conscious.

We believe everyone should be able to live life to the fullest, especially as we age, however, to date, there hasn’t been enough information out there for older Australians to stay informed. This website serves as a hub of information for those over 45 looking to support an active lifestyle and embrace the spirit of youth.


What is Andropause?

What is Andropause?

We’ve all heard of menopause which is the natural decline in reproductive hormones of woman, but what about male menopause?
The Top Benefits of Ageing

The Top Benefits of Ageing

All too often we can get bogged down on the negatives of getting older.
How To Use Behavioural Science To Stick To Your 2022 Goals

How To Use Behavioural Science To Stick To Your 2022 Goals

If your 2021 was anything like ours, it included a new set of deeply ingrained habits, some, not so healthy.


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