Five Habits to Build Into Your Morning Routine

Five Habits to Build Into Your Morning Routine

Starting a morning routine can feel like a task and a half. Some of us love to lay in bed, delaying the inevitable of getting prepared to start the day but whilst you might look presentable, is your mind truly ready to be productive?

It’s important to look after yourself every day, and a morning routine is the perfect way to do that. Here are five little fixes and updates you can add to your routine to start your day off right.

Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude doesn’t mean you need to turn into a Zen yogi, but instead of reaching for your phone or tablet as soon as you wake up, try thinking about three things you’re grateful for each morning. Our fast-paced lifestyles mean we tend to forget to pause and think about the great things in our lives. Taking a couple of minutes each morning to be grateful will give you a positive mindset from the get-go.

Drink that H2O

Our bodies are dehydrated in the morning, so make sure you start drinking water once you get up. Doing this allows your body to better digest food later in the day and helps your body to retain nutrients. This is a habit which you won’t realise makes a difference in your day but is doing good from the inside out.

Break the fast

Eating breakfast should be number one on your to-do list. After not eating overnight, our bodies need to regain nutrients and without it, you’ll struggle to concentrate and might even feel the dreaded 3pm slump. Need more convincing? People who eat healthy breakfast also tend to have better diets because they feel less peckish during the day and aren’t tempted to dig into the biscuit tin in-between meals. 

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Get outside

Sunlight is an easy way to boost your mood without lifting a finger. When we expose our bodies to sunlight, the brain releases a hormone called serotonin, boosting your mood for the day to come. After breakfast, why not head out for a quick walk around the block or even a quick dip in the ocean? We bet you’ll feel better for it.

Schedule your exercise Training your body to start exercising when you first get up is a great way to stay alert throughout the morning as it releases endorphins, otherwise known as the “happy” hormone. If you struggle with motivating yourself to exercise, try something that doesn’t feel like exercise at all. Whether you prefer dancing, golf or cycling, practicing something you enjoy will increase your chances of sticking to it in the long run.