In An Exercise Rut? Here Are 4 Ways To Get Out Of It

In An Exercise Rut? Here Are 4 Ways To Get Out Of It

We all have those days, weeks (or even months) where you’re just too busy to get in a great workout. Work, sleep, family, friends – it can feel like a constant balancing act, and it can be all too easy to drop the ball on your exercise routine. Here are a few golden tips to help you fit a little bit of exercise in every day.

Flip the script

Exercise is that one activity, that can make every other activity of the day feel more enjoyable. It clears your head, fills your body with endorphins and gives your body the momentum it needs to take on the day. Change the narrative and start thinking of exercise as an activity that makes your busy life easier, not just as a chore that takes up time and you should do just because everyone says you should. 

Pick something you love

There are no rules to say you have to pay for a gym membership and pump the elliptical for an hour just to tick off that exercise box – if you’re not feeling it, scrap it!

You only need 45 minutes a day to get that heart rate up and this can be done however you like. The best exercise you can do is one that you enjoy, whether that’s Pilates, tennis, a beach stroll or even gardening (which can burn up to 400 calories an hour!). You are way more likely to follow through on your routine if you’re not dreading it.

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Schedule it

Treat yourself as your No.1 client and start scheduling workout meetings with yourself.

You wouldn’t skip a meeting with a client just because you’re not feeling it that day, so why would you treat yourself like that? Ditch the all-or-nothing approach. You don’t need to book yourself in for an hour of hard-hitting cardio that you will feel awful for inevitably skipping on. Instead, when starting out, make these meetings as achievable as possible even if it’s just putting your runners on and doing 10 burpees. From there, you can slowly build up your routine.


Have a true-crime podcast obsession? Set a rule for yourself that you will only listen to the latest episode while working out.

If it’s a TV show that your significant other doesn’t like watching with you or a captivating audiobook, commit to only engaging with these activities while you’re getting your heart rate up. This is called “temptation bundling” and it’s an incredibly powerful commitment device. It means that the only way to catch up on your favourite entertainment is to follow through on your exercise goals – two birds one stone!