Do Your Supplements Have These Three Things?

Do Your Supplements Have These Three Things?

Reaching our 50’s comes with its own set of challenges with aching joints, deteriorating muscles and sapped energy moving to the top of the list.  

While getting older is inevitable, deteriorating is optional. A proper nutrient intake, exercise and staying away from carcinogens such as cigarettes and alcohol, all have a major impact on your quality of life in your golden years.  

If you’re interested in feeling incredible at any age, it’s key you pay extra attention what’s going into your body. Supplements are a great way to make sure you’re getting what you need but it’s essential that they contain specific ingredients. Here are our top three to look out for: 

 Bio-active B12 

B12, or ‘cobalamin’ is critical for our blood and nerve cell formation and plays a major role in cognitive functioning. A lack of B12 can cause issues such as anaemia, leading to extreme weakness and fatigue as well as cognitive issues.  

When we get older, it becomes harder for our bodies to process B12, so it’s critical you are getting adequate amounts which is around 2.4 micrograms of B12 a day. Not only is it recommended to eat foods packed with B12, such as animal products, but we also should be supplementing your diet with daily B12 fortified supplements.  

45PlusLife Energy contains 5 micrograms of B12, double your daily dose, and is fortified with magnesium citrate and ashwagandha.  


45+LIFE Energy has been specifically developed for adults 45 years and older. It combines key vitamins, minerals and nutrients for energy production so you can stay on top of your game. 

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 Vitamin D 

Even with the Australian sun, Vitamin D deficiency is a major issue in this country, impacting up to a quarter of adults. As we age, our skin becomes less effective at absorbing Vitamin D through sunlight, impacting calcium absorption in our blood. A deficiency is strongly linked with various health issues such as cognitive decline, depression, osteoporosis, and even cardiovascular disease so it’s critical we get a healthy dose each day, approximately 800 IU of vitamin D. 


To get the most out of your supplements, ensure that they are fortified with quality Vitamin D. 45PlusLife Muscle Bone and Health supplements not only contain Vitamin D (300 IU), but are packed with HMB, aiding in muscle recovery and preservation.  


45+LIFE Muscle and Bone Health has been specifically developed for adults aged 45 years and older. It combines key vitamins, minerals and nutrients with HMB, a game changer when it comes to maintaining muscle mass.

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Healthy Magnesium levels are critical for those who like to keep busy, however, over 40% of those over 40 are not getting enough. Without adequate levels, we tire quicker and need more oxygen to function.  Those over 45 needs 300-400 milligrams of Magnesium a day so it’s wise to boost your diet with quality magnesium fortified supplements.  

Along with Folic acid and Vitamin B, 45PlusLife Energy contains 40 mg of Magnesium, helping you reach your daily recommended intake.  

As we age, our vitamin and nutrient needs change with us. It’s important we keep an eye on our daily intake, specifically, vitamin D, calcium and magnesium, which are all prone to deficiencies in older adults. This, coupled with a consistent quality sleep routine can help you fight deficiencies and keep you feeling healthy later in life.